Living Waters Retreat
Living a Life of Abundance Narayani and Deborah
                          Your retreat facilitators,
                         Narayani and Deborah
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Treat yourself to a wonderful getaway weekend
retreat of discovery, exploration and abundance.

This weekend retreat is for Deaf individuals who wish to
shift their lives from a rut into a fulfilling life that can be
life, love, relationship or quality time.

The getaway weekend retreat is at Living Waters on
Lake Travis, 45 minutes west of Austin, Texas,
1 hour from the airport. See map on right.

In a beautiful surrounding of tranquil scenery, your Deaf
retreat facilitators, Deborah and Narayni, will walk with
you in your journey:

Deborah S. Mayer                 Narayani D. Wilkins
Life Coach                            Intuitive Wellness Coach
Professional Coach Trainer    Certified Yoga Instructor

During this weekend, you will:

• Identify habits that keep you from growing.

• Navigate and grow in areas you desire.

• Understand your holistic energy balance.

• Discover the joy in your relations with others.

• See unlimited possibilities with fresh eyes

• Visualize what you want as an individual.

• Create an action plan toward a vibrant life and
  move forward.

Also you will:

• Develop skills in meditation, exercise and yoga.

• Enhance your techniques for breathing.

• Listen to your body through yoga.

• Expand your creativity.

• Discover your presence.

• Develop inner peace through yoga and mindful walks.

• Savor healthy nutritious wholesome meals.

There will be mindful activities and yoga workouts
including chair yoga, wholesome healthy meals,
life coaching sessions and story exchanges.

You will come away with an action plan to live a
life of abundance the way you want.

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Photographs of Living Waters   All Copyrights Reserved 2016
Living Waters, Lake Strand, Texas