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Deborah S. Mayer        
Deaf  ICF Professional Certified Coach        
and Coach Trainer        
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Back by popular demand!       
Deborah and Dorothy present       
A Deaf Self-Compassion Weekend Retreat        
Break the Cycle: With Wings I Soar!        
September 28-30, 2018        
Appleton, NY        
Includes Zipline by Niagara Falls!        
Save $30 each when you bring a companion!        
Click Here         
Now discover love and abundance within you.
Your life is a journey.

As you begin your quest to achieve harmony from inside out,
here at Crossroad Solutions Coach, you walk with your Coach to  
discover what your heart desires to create the life you truly want.

Do you have questions about you that need answers?

What holds you back about feeling good about you?

How you can move forward from your crossroad in your life journey?

How can you tap into your mind, body and soul to accomplish your life's desires?

How can you renew your passion and aliveness in your career?

How can you become a ICF Certified Coach?

Find your answers below.



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